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Congratulations to Transition Year students, Kelly Williams and Eoghan Gethings who represented the school admirably at the BT Young Scientist in January. Below are the student reports:

Student report: Kelly Williams

The BT Young Scientist exhibition was an amazing experience. As a participant in the exhibition I spent 4 days up in Dublin in the RDS. The days were long, from 9-5:30 every day but it was definitely worth it, the experience was also worth the amount of work I put into my project. I chose a topic that I am really interested in, Sexism. For anyone who’s even slightly interested in science I highly recommend you enter BTYSTE because, not only are the other stands and shows around the place amazing, but the social side of the whole exhibition is well worth it.  While in the RDS you get to meet the other participants and also the public who come to see your stands and I think that part of it was the highlight, seeing Michael D. Higgins was great also. Overall it was an amazing experience that I will not forget.

Student report: Eoghan Gethings

The Young Scientist was one of the best experiences I had during Transition Year. I got to present, to interested members of the public a project which I had put many hours of work into. My project was based on psychology, to investigate if experiences of frustration or disappointment reduce one’s empathy. I made a whole new group of friends and had great fun up in Dublin. It was an honour to be alongside some of the other projects at the Exhibition which were very impressive. It was a week that I will never forget and I would encourage any student interested to go for it!