On the Friday 18th of November, Crosshaven Colaiste Muire Transition Year Students had a mini-company trade fair. The fair started at  11.30, and continued for the most of the day.

The fair was used to help promote the different mini-companies products and ideas to the schools students and teachers. We were also very lucky to have a few special guests come to judge the products.

The fair was a great success, allowing the mini-companies to promote their products, and allow the customers to pre-order  or in some cases buy the product.

Below there will be a list of the mini-companies, there picture and link to their website.

“The Letter Makers”

“Fun Balls”


“Hey Christmas Crafters”

“Pick ‘N’ Mix”

“Mighty Midgets”


“Crosshaven Calendars” – http://www.crosshaven.co

“Timber Things” – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Timber-Things/238027869592739